Mattingly V-Grip Ripped Adult Baseball Bat

Baseball legend Don Mattingly, whose passion to teach his kids and all players alike the best hitting techniques, conceived and designed the V-Grip. The V-Grip instantly corrects what Mattingly found to be the most common problem found in hitters — the position of the hands around the handle. The patented V-Shaped handle naturally aligns the knocking knuckles, effectively positioning the bat away from the palm and into the fingertips.

mattingly v grip ripped baseball bat financing Mattingly V Grip Ripped Adult Baseball Bat

Mattingly V-Grip Ripper Basebasll Bat

V-Grip Technology – Helping Improve Your Swing

The patented V-Grip technology – only available with Mattingly bats – enables the hitter to unlock his or her full potential. By aligning the knocker knuckles properly, the Mattingly V-Grip forces the bat handle away from the palm and into the fingers – the perfect batting grip for sending fast hands through the hitting zone and getting the sweet spot on the ball.

An additional feature of the Mattingly V-Grip is a stiff handle and taper section, which transfers more energy and power at the point of impact. Some manufacturers promote a flexible, “whip” handle, but don’t be fooled! The theory of a whipping action works fine in golf – where the target is stationary – but has not been proven to efficiently transfer energy when applied to a moving target such as a baseball (in fact, many studies suggest the energy is absorbed, rather than transferred!). In other words, a flexible bat could rob you of distance and power – so you want a bat that remains stiff, such as a Mattingly V-Grip model.

Mattingly V-Grip Baseball Bat
All Mattingly Bats

  • Are made with the highest-quality materials using cutting-edge methods
  • Have the patented V-Grip technology
  • Include a stiff, no-whip handle
  • Are extremely durable and come with an industry standard warranty

V-Grip Technique – Feel the Difference

To demonstrate how the grip works, try this technique:
Without the proper grip, high-quality scientifically engineered bats alone do nothing to enhance swing performance. Place the V-Grip™ bat in your hands incorrectly by setting the bat back in the palm of your hand and then swing the bat. It will end up out in your fingertips where it should be placed to swing the bat. If you do the same thing with a round handle bat, it will stay in the back of your hand. In other words, if you try and swing the V-Grip incorrectly, it corrects itself and ends up in the proper position in your hands – the bat forces your swing to be efficient!

mattingly v grip ripped baseball bat Mattingly V Grip Ripped Adult Baseball Bat

Mattingly V-Grip

Without the proper grip, your bat head will lag through the hitting zone, losing speed, power and control — reducing the ability to consistently hit a strike-zone ball. The V-Grip technology allows the batter to maximize bat speed and the strength generated by the whole body to optimize the hitting force transferred to the bat.

  • Only the patented Mattingly V-Grip ensures proper hand alignment
  • Proper alignment delivers faster bat speed
  • Faster bat speed creates more power
  • Increased power drives the ball farther
  • Technology and Technique (T.N.T Powerload)

Technology and Technique – (T.N.T Powerload)

In addition to owning the bat with the best Technology, V-Grip Bat also comes with Don Mattingly’s batting tips to give you proper hitting Techniques. The current major league head coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers shares the same approach with you that he shares with Major League hitters – tips that are sure to improve your batting average. These tips are included with every product you purchase, and if you join the V-Force Community, you can find the answers to many of your batting questions.

Technology + Technique = Explosive Performance (TnT)

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